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About the Shipyard

The shipyard Lambros Mitsoudis serves you since three generations - we take care of your dream, whether sailing or motor boat, whether wood or fiberglass.

The head of our yard is a certified marine engineer who works closely together with the Ship Engineering Department of the Navy School, where he teaches young engineers on the shipyard location the skills of shipping construction.

The love for boats is something Mitsoudis was laid in the cradle: He grew up on a boat, he directs the shipyard in the third generation and even lives all year on his own ship.

We are here for you

We offer you everything related to your boat and your yacht


You will find us in Thessaloniki, Greece, close to the airport.

Προβολή Μεγαλύτερου Χάρτη

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Come and meet us. We can discuss anything concerning your boat.


Lambros Mitsoudis Shipyard

Leoforos Georgikis Scholis 78, 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece
+30 2310 473214
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